Rajender Prasad and super fun are inseparable

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GaddeRajendra Prasad, born on the 19th of July, 1956, is a known actor in Telugu films. He has received four Andhra Pradesh state Nandi Awards, three Santosham Film Awards, and three SIIMA Awards. His fame journey started with Manchu Pallaki. He is titled “HasyaKireeti” as a mark of honor and is best known for his work in the English Language film Quick Gun Murugun. He is popularly known for the hilarious scenes and comic timing.

April OkatiVidudala

One great Rajendra Prasad’s movie streaming on aha is April OkatiVidudala. April OkatiVidudala is a 1991 film and a classic. It is a comedy-drama with Rajendra Prasad and Shobana in lead roles. Rallapalli, Mallikarjuna Rao and SakshiRanga Rao are few supporting actors. Directed and written by Vamsy, the film is an adaptation of the famous novel “HarischandruduAbaddhamaadithe” and received the Nandi award for best audiographer.

The film, 145 minutes long, is about a dishonest man known that uses tactics and lies in his favor. However, his life takes a turn when he falls for a girl who likes straightforward and honest people. She keeps a deal in front of him to speak only the truth for a month if he wants to marry her. The guy agrees, but he invites a lot of trouble for himself and his friends due to the agreement. However, at the end of the film, though the guy speaks a lie on the last day of the deal, the girl gets impressed by him as the lie was to save someone and happily agrees to marry him, leading to a happy ending story.

The comedy in the movie, the punch lines, and the fantastic story are worth watching. Rajendra Prasad is so good in the film that the viewer will not take his eyes off. The film was remade in several other languages due to the response and love it received from the audience. Watch the entertaining movie which is sure to hurt your bellies. There are many comedy movies online on aha app.

Thriller Family Movies Can Watch In 2019

Thriller Family Movies Can Watch In 2019

100 is an dramatic investigative film written and directed by Sam Anton. This is best suitable if you are expecting to watch some highly focused investigative story. One of the most entertaining and one of the best thriller movies out there that leaves you with chills.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Atharvaa

Actress: HansikaMotwani

Other actors: Radha Ravi, RaajAiyyappa

Director: Sam Anton

Cinematographer: Krishnan Vasant

Music: Sam C.S.

Other information:

Runtime: 141 minutes

Release date: 09 May 2019

genre: Action, Drama, Investigation

Thriller Family Movies Can Watch In 2019

Story line:

Hero satya was inspired by his childhood best friend anwar to become a police officer and fight crimes. Satya loves investigation and all the struggles a police officer faces in terms of their cases. He tries his best to get through all the tests and eventually gets to become a police officer but, he will be assigned to 100 call departments where they have to take public emergency call services. It’s a job that he didn’t prefer. He finds out later that even with such high living standards his girlfriend maintains, she does the same disappointing job like he does. Satya was mentored by a senior officer who is famously called a ‘pistol’ perumal. He is famous for not using a pistol in his career and his only belief in that department is that every police officer’s life will change when they take their 100th call. Just like he believes, Satya’s life will take its turn. Satya receives a call from a girl who was presumed to be murdered long ago, the girl requests satya for some help as claiming to be kidnapped, satya will all his forces saves the girl and hands her over to his trusted childhood best police friend believing that he will take care of her. Next morning, as he doesn’t hear news on tv about the girl found, he meets his friend and asks about it where anwar refuses that satya handed over any girl. There Satya understands that even anwar is part of that crime. Later after a rigorous investigation and losing anwar to death, Satya finds out a horrible truth about missing girls.

Artist’s Performance:

– Atharvaa’s acting and dialogue delivery is outstanding.

– HansikaMotwani has been the beauty she has always been.

– Other actors in the film worked their best.

Technical Aspects:

– Direction and script writing shown to be creative and profound.

– Cinematography and editing is good.

– Music and BGM are in best sync with the mood of the film.


This film will be the best one to choose if you are hoping to watch something exciting to put your mind throughout the film. The investigation method and characterization will really be one of the main reasons that makes this film more attractive to watch.

This is one of the thriller filmy movies you can watch in 2019 and you can watch 100 movie online in telugu only on aha.

“Luckkunodu” available on Aha OTT, What are the highlights of the movie?

Aha OTT is different from all other OTT platforms. The aha ott comes with exclusive Telugu movies HD quality for the online watch. The OTT recently added Luckkunodu in their movies’ library. Let’s check the story plot and highlights of the movie before watching online.


After the commercial success of ‘Edo Rakam – AadoRakam,’ hero Manchu Vishnu teamed up with his lucky actress Hansika for the film ‘Luckkunnodu’. Previous Vishnu-Hansika combination films like ‘Denikaina Ready’ and ‘PandavuluPandavuluTummeda’ have earned good success. The movie directed by ‘Gitanjali’ fame Raj Kiran, the film was released on 26th January 2017 and became a super hit.

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Vishnu Manchu, HansikaMotwani, MVV. Satyanarayana, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, Posani Krishna Mural, and Mohan Babu in a special character.

Screenplay & Direction: Raj Kiran

Music: Praveen Lakkaraju

Cinematography: P.G. Vinda

Produced by: MVV. Satyanarayana on MVV Cinema


Manchu Vishnu’s movies usually come with a lot of entertainment irrespective of genre. He does not make any experimental films, but he always aimed to entertain the audience as much as possible with his movie only. His aim was witnessed many times at silver screens. The movie Luckkunnodu also filled with all the commercial elements, which needed to entertain the audience thoroughly.

The story of the movie is Lucky (Manchu Vishnu), who chases after bad luck along with luck, is always bad to his father, and wants to be called lucky by his father forever. So one day, he sees a positive Padmavati (Hansika) and falls in love.

Padmavati also loves him. So, while his life was going on, he accidentally came near him for Rs. 25 crores will come and go. Whose money is that? What did Lucky do with that money? What kind of turn did that 25 crores lucky life take? Were the lucky ones able to get their dad’s love? The answers to these questions will reveal in the remaining story.

Highlights and top reasons to watch the movie “Luckkunodu”:

Suddenly good luck comes to the person who suffers that he has no luck till then. It is interesting to see what happens when a hero who is not hoping for other’s money suddenly gets crores.

Manchu Vishnu performed in his style as usual. His role as a hero is also present in a regular commercial format.

Director Raj Kiran started the film in a slightly different and exciting way. The audience will get enjoy PrabhasSrinu and Satyam Rajesh’s comedy in the first half. The pre-interval and interval sequences are both excellent. Those two scenes that run with super timing are new and well connected, turning the story around.

Also, the Posani Krishna Murali comedy that makes an entry in the second half has been a workout everywhere. The character played by the hero Manchu Vishnu seemed a bit new. The scenes, which come in flashback showed how the increased distance between the hero and his father. Later, the scenes in the present, how the father gets more seemingly degraded due to the hero, are also perfect. The heroine, Hansika, looks beautiful in every frame and is impressive.

Tanikella Bharani gave humor in the role of the heroine’s father, who always thinks positively. Tamil actor Jaya Prakash acted well. The comedy of Vennela Kishore, PrabhasSrinu, and Satyam Rajesh is too good. MVV Satyanarayana does an excellent job in the role of the villain.

PGVinda Cinematography is good. The production values ​​adopted by MVV Satyanarayana are ethical.

Finally:  The movie Luckkunnodu will give higher entertainment with the elements of comedy and comedy. Click here to watch Telugu movies online.