Should you replace the kitchen top or cover it?

Among the best ideas for renovating the kitchen, changing the kitchen top is certainly one of the easiest and fastest solutions. What if instead of changing the kitchen top , you choose to cover the ruined kitchen top home repair services in Chattanooga. In this issue, the most suitable material is a microcement covering. Coating the ancient kitchen top instead of replacing it is worthwhile for many reasons.

– AESTHETIC ADVANTAGES: a kitchen top in microcement immediately modernizes the spaces giving a fresher and more current look; it blends harmoniously with various materials and fits into spaces of very different styles: from minimal to industrial, from classic to rustic, from Scandinavian to vintage etc. It is also possible to choose the most suitable color and the preferred texture to express one’s taste and for a perfect integration with the colors of the space and furnishings.

– PRACTICAL ADVANTAGES: choosing to cover the kitchen top instead of rebuilding it, allows you to reuse the old top, optimizing costs and processing times; not to mention the reduction in inconvenience due to disassembly of the old top and assembly of the new kitchen top. The microcement attaches to any existing covering and is applied in just 3 millimeters of thickness.

The advantages of a microcement kitchen top

Microcement is an excellent solution for covering the kitchen top because it is applied in just 3 mm and allows you to cover any previous substrate, easily renewing the space. Properly treated, a microcement kitchen top is waterproof and resists scratches, bumps and high temperatures; this is demonstrated by the terrible examinations it has withstood to analyze its execution. It is very simple to clean: the continuous surface, without joints and joints, can be cleaned with a wipe of a sponge. It does not release harmful substances into the air.

A kitchen top in microcement allows you to rebuild the kitchen without altering it, because it gives a touch of originality and beauty, integrating into any style of furniture and with the most varied materials. Multiple colors and textures are available: after a few years, if you want to change color or effect, just smooth the surface and reapply a new layer of micro cement. It is specified that the microcement does not change colour over time, but remains unchanged.