What’s Cryptocurrency? What You Need to Know

Just like any currency out there, cryptocurrencies are used for buying goods & services. However, unlike various other currencies, the cryptocurrencies are digital & make use of cryptography to offer safe transactions online when looking to earn bitcoin. Whereas cryptocurrencies are used for buying things, an important interest in such unregulated currencies is trading them for the profit, with the speculators sometimes driving the costs skyward

Why are cryptocurrencies very popular?

The cryptocurrencies appeal to the supporters for various reasons. Let us look at some popular ones:

Supporters can see cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a currency of future & are racing to purchase them right now, mostly before they get highly valuable

There are some supporters who like a fact that the cryptocurrency removes the central banks to manage their money supply, as with time the banks generally tend to decrease value of money through inflation

Some supporters like technology behind the cryptocurrencies, blockchain, because it is the decentralized processing & recording system and will be much more secure than the traditional payment networks

Are cryptocurrencies the good investment?

The cryptocurrencies might go up in the value; however most of the investors see it as just speculations, and not the real investments. What can be the reason? Like the real currencies, cryptocurrencies will not generate any cash flow, thus to profit somebody needs to pay a little more for its currency than you have done.

That is what is called “greater fool” investment theory. Contrast this to the well-managed business that improves the value with time just by growing its profitability & cash flow of an operation. For people who see cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as a currency of future, it must get noted that the currency requires stability so that the merchants & consumers will determine what the fair rate is for the goods. The bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies are stable through their history. For instance, whereas bitcoin traded at $20,000 in 2017, the value then dropped at $3,200 one year later. And by September 2020, this was trading more than $11,000.

The price volatility creates the conundrum. Suppose bitcoin’s will be worth much more in future, people will less likely spend or circulate them now, and making them very less viable as the currency. Why to spend bitcoin when this can be worth 3 times its value next year? The Bitcoin operates on the decentralized public ledger method called the blockchain.